From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

We’ve made it to August, and as we go through the Dog Days of Summer (named for the Dog Star, Sirius, which remains ascendant till August 11th), we realize that Fall is coming and with it the resumption of so many things which have been on hiatus as we relaxed over the Summer. Our Religious Education program starts back up, and we have a new class of 1st Holy Communion candidates, as well as a new class of Confirmation Candidates.

We’ve been planning the educational and liturgical activities for them as well as for all our students.

We have started replacing and upgrading our sound system. I hope you’ve already noticed an improvement in the quality and clarity of the sound. We’ve replaced one vital component, to the tune of over $7,000, and we’ve got to replace speakers which have outlived their usefulness, several microphones, the entire project will come to slightly more than $20,000.

I hope you will show your appreciation of the improvements in the October Annual Parish Collection.

The Sound Engineer has promised that the sound in the church will be clearer and more distinct, and will aid in our appreciation of God’s Word and the Liturgy.

We do need volunteers for our Religious Education program teachers and assistants.

Please consider living out your commitment to the church by helping pass on the faith by a greater commitment to catechesis.

We also need several more people willing to take on the ministry of Lector – proclaiming God’s Word during Mass.

Please consider serving God and His Church in this important ministry.

We also very much need altar servers especially at the 4PM Vigil Mass and the 11 o’clock Mass, please encourage your children, 4th grade through High School, to serve God and His Church by serving at the Altar.

Love and Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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