From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Happy & Blessed 2017

Dear Parishioners:

Happy New Year, and the choicest of blessings to you and yours in this fresh and blessed time. If you are looking for a resolution that you can keep going beyond next week, may I suggest adding one little daily prayer? Add to your morning routine a sign of the cross and the Glory be—it won’t take much longer than 15 seconds. If you do it, you’ll remind yourself of the sacrifice of Christ, of the love and union of the Holy Trinity, of the creation and our destiny—not bad for one simple, humble act of prayer.

Men’s Prayer Group. I was so impressed with the women’s prayer group/Bible Study that was organized in the parish that I’d like to invite the men of the parish to come pray with me on the First Saturday of each month— starting now. One of your fellow parishioners has volunteered to lead the group. We’ll start on Saturday, January 7th at the Godly hour of 7 AM. We’ll have a quick Mass, followed by a quick coffee, a quick presentation, and then some quiet prayer and contemplation. I promise to have you back on the road by 8:30, refreshed and rested in the Lord. If you would be willing to join me, please leave a message at the rectory, or e-mail me.

Love and Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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