From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

It’s the 5th Week of Lent – next week is Palm Sunday.

We’ve begun Passiontide – the last two weeks of Lent.

Now is the time to finish well. If your resolutions and disciplines have slipped a bit, and worldly distractions have taken over, now is the time to readjust. Lent has had a good effect if it has shown us that it is difficult to be a Christian. Our failures teach us humility, and give us the opportunity to try again–to “fail better.” Holy Week reminds us why it is worth it. By accepting faith in Christ, we accept his Passion, Death…and Resurrection. We accept his life in us. If our Lent has been a success – it will have taught us that we carry all of that within us. And that means we can always begin again, and again, and again – better each time. The schedule for Holy Week is included in this bulletin. You’ll notice there are multiple opportunities to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance. Please make use of it, and begin again the life of commitment and joy in Christ.

Love and Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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