From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

We’ve concluded our celebration of Easter with the Feast of Pentecost, in which the Holy Spirit was revealed to the Apostles through flames of fire. His action in our soul is enlightens our intellect and enflames our hearts with His divine love. The Holy Spirit is the fruit of the love between the Father and the Son, and comes within our hearts in a particular way the day of our Confirmation. Let us remember this great gift we have received. Let us open our hearts to the flames of His Divine love. At each mass I pray that “we may be gathered into one by the Holy Spirit.” May this charity transform us, giving us the force to live our lives as an offering to Him who has offered His life for us. In this Holy exchange He fills us ever more with His own divine life, which is His Spirit.

Please pray this prayer which comes to us from the Seraphic Doctor, the Franciscan Saint Bonaventure. In it we ask the Lord Jesus Christ that the Spirit be manifest in His Seven Gifts:

We pray to the most kind Father through You,
His only-begotten Son, who for us became man, was crucified and glorified,
that He send us out of His treasures the Spirit of sevenfold grace who rested upon You in all fullness:
the Spirit, I say, of Wisdom, that we may taste the life-giving flavors of the fruit of the tree of life,
which You truly are;
the gift also of Understanding,
by which the intentions of our mind are illumined;
the gift of Counsel,
by which we may follow in Your footsteps on the right paths;
the gift of Fortitude,
by which we may be able to weaken the violence of our enemy’s
the gift of Knowledge,
by which we may be filled with the brilliant light
of Your sacred teaching to distinguish good and evil;
the gift of Piety,
by which we may acquire a merciful heart;
the gift of Fear,
by which we may draw away from all evil and be set at peace
by submitting in awe to Your eternal majesty.
For You have wished that we ask for these things
in that sacred prayer which you have taught us;
and now we ask to obtain them through Your Cross
for the praise of Your most Holy Name.
To You, with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
be honor and glory, thanksgiving, beauty and power,
forever and ever. Amen.

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