From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

“If we wish God to reign in us, in no way should sin reign in our
mortal body…There should be in us a kind of spiritual paradise
where God may walk and be our sole ruler with his Christ. In us
the Lord will sit…until all his enemies in us become his footstool.”
~ Origen

Dear Parishioners:

Father Charles Rochas of the Emmanuel School of Mission in Rome, visited us two years ago and conducted a beautiful Mission in our Parish. Father Charles has now established a new School of Mission in the South Bronx, and the School has reached out to us for help:

I know Saint Gabriel Parish has already helped the Emmanuel School of Mission with many things, and Fr. Charles is wondering if the good people of St Gabriel would be able to help us on another matter! The students will have their holidays after the Christmas break and they can decide where they want to go, what they want to do, etc. However we are also planning that they’d have some free time from the 28th December through the 1st of January, and our hope was to send them to American families for these few days. Are there any families who would be willing to have our students to stay for those couple of days? We have 6 students; 4 girls and 2 boys so perhaps 2 students in each family, so 3 families? I know St. Gabriel parishioners gladly accepted us during the mission so we thought they might enjoy it but I also realize that Christmas is a different time of year than the middle of March. Please let us know if this is something St Gabriel Parish might be able to help with. Thank you in advance!

As you can read, ESM needs a welcome for 3 sets of 2 young people. It would be a true act of Christian Charity to welcome these “strangers” at the Holy Feast of Christmas. You can find more information about ESM at:

Please contact me if you are able to help. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at, or call the Rectory at (203) 322-7426.

Love and Peace,
Fr Liam Quinlan

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