From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners
Happy New Year!

I’d like to invite you to join me on pilgrimage this year. First, join me spiritually as I visit the Holy Land over the next 2 weeks. Then, this summer, consider joining me in person as we make pilgrimage to Ireland from August 1st to 9th.

Saint Patrick after having escaped slavery in Ireland, returned to give the gift of the Faith to the people of Ireland. Due to his preaching and zeal, the Holy Spirit caused Catholicism to spread quite quickly in Ireland, the Irish people quickly converted from pagan gods to the one true God. Although a small country, Ireland has played a large role in evangelizing and bringing Christianity throughout the world. During the early Middle Ages, the Irish monasteries preserved and nurtured Christian civilization leading to a flourishing of learning, the establishment of universities, and the growth of knowledge which, for good or for ill, led to our modern civilization.

We will visit Ireland and learn about its heritage, while praying, offering daily mass, and enjoying festive meals. As we go on our Pilgrim way through Ireland, we will visit pilgrimage sites as old as the Faith. In Ireland, the Land of Saints and Scholars, we will journey through history and visit ancient sites such as Clonmacnoise [where my grandparents used to go on pilgrimage], Saint Kevin’s monastery at Glendalough, and finish by visiting Knock where Our Lady appeared a few years after Lourdes and a few years before Fatima. I encourage you to join with me and open yourself to the message of Knock, and to the renewal of faith and prayer, which is so vital to our lives as Catholics.

I will provide brochures later this month, in the meantime, you can check the site my friend Fr. Sean Connolly has made for the pilgrimage:

Additionally, if you would like me to pray for any particular intentions [I, of course, will pray for you and your general intentions] as I visit our Lord’s place of birth and ministry, please email me at, or email or call the office.

Love & Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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