From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners:

A few weeks ago a large group of parishioners was called together to hear, along with me and the Deacons of Saint Gabriel, about the ongoing upgrades here on our campus. Bishop Caggiano’s Director of Strategic Planning, Patrick Turner, put together the meeting. Patrick will be working with the clergy and a group of parish volunteers–a “Visioning” team–to envision the future of St Gabriel parish. Below is the text of the email which Patrick Turner sent after the meeting. It explains what was discussed. I will keep you informed about discussions, here in the bulletin and also through your fellow parishioners who have volunteered to work on this project. I also invite you to contact me with observations and comments about our parish and its ongoing work.

Love and Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

Good morning – thanks to so many of you for joining us to begin a conversation about the vision for the future of St. Gabriel parish and how to build stronger ties to the Catholic Academy of Stamford and Trinity Catholic High School.

We are beginning a discernment process for the St. Gabriel community – what can St. Gabriel look like; how does the parish relate to the school; how does it interact with other parishes in Stamford; and, most importantly, how does it show the Face of Christ to the outside world?

A brief recap:

1. Pat Brady, Head of School, and Roger Fox, Board Chair of the Catholic Academy of Stamford spoke about the creation of the Academy, the timeline for the consolidation of the Academy on one campus and the hope for future growth.

2. Questions about the school related mostly to enrollment, Catholicity, and traffic issues on Newfield and within the parking lots of the High School, Middle School and St. Gabriel Parish. Number of parking spaces, and driveway egress

3. There were also concerns raised about the use of the high school field and hopes for better coordination between the school and the parish regarding scheduling activities.

4. Participants spent time articulating the strengths of St. Gabriel Parish, and some of the challenges that the parish community is facing.

Going forward, a small group of 10 or so parishioners will serve as a “visioning” team for the parish. They will meet over the course of the summer and look in more detail at the issues and possibilities facing the parish, and position St. Gabriel Parish for the long-term. We will engage in a parish self -assessment and consider any and all possible options for the parish. Bishop Caggiano has tasked us with providing him with recommendations by late fall.

Fr. Quinlan and I have met to discuss the composition of that body that will best serve the parish. We will also implement a regular communication process for that team to share fully with this body of parishioners and with the full parish as we move forward.

Thank you again for your dedication to St. Gabriel. I look forward to working with you in the coming months.~

Patrick Turner

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