From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners:

Our Lady at Fatima asked us to recite the rosary each and every day. Saying the rosary is one of the most positive things you can do to help yourself and the whole world. Our Lady told us that praying the Rosary would actually save people from damnation–what better thing can we do for others?

Carry the Rosary with you so that you are reminded to say it.

If you find that you can’t find 15 minutes to say the rosary, say it a little at a time, throughout the day.

Pray while you walk/work out/do chores.

When you’re upset or worried, say a rosary, and let Our Lady help you.

Say it while you wait–I often say it in line, on the train, in my car [it helps me deal with my own impatience and lack of charity toward other drivers].

Love and peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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