From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

I made it!

By the time we got to Compostela, we had walked close to 100 miles all told. Getting there was a miracle I attribute first and foremost to the parishioners of St Gabriel, with help from the following: St Kateri, who I called on when the physical aspect looked impossible; the physical therapist who got me walking in Stamford; the physical therapist on the Camino who taped me up and kept me going.

On Sunday afternoon when we got to Santiago de Compostela, we immediately went and venerated the statue of the Apostle St James the Greater, prayed for a good while before his relics, filled out the application for the “Compostela” (the certificate which says I’ve made Camino). I was exhausted, my legs were really stiff, but I still knelt (with great difficulty) and offered thanksgiving and all your intentions to God through Santiago. On Monday I concelebrated 2 masses at the high altar of the Cathedral.

Concelebrate the pilgrims mass and prayed multiple rosaries in the presence of the relics.

I look forward to sharing more highlights of the pilgrimage with you, but for right now, please accept my sincerest thanks for praying for me.

Love and Peace,
Fr Liam Quinlan


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