From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

It occurred to me today, as I drove around Stamford in weather more suited to August than late September, that this day a week ago I was in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, having just spent over a week a walking with a group of people I had only met at the beginning of that journey. It was amazing to think that we had walked so many miles, talked at length, prayed many rosaries, chaplets of divine mercy, celebrated Mass in beautiful little chapels along the way.

We encouraged each other through blisters, sprains, shin splints, sciatica, and all the other physical pain that accompanies walking about 15 miles a day.

It changed me. It changed us all.

Now that I’m back in Stamford with you, it’s a wonder to me to see your faith, your walk here, and be able to accompany you on it too. I realize that our prayer for each other, our “walk” together in the Parish of St. Gabriel, is a Camino, a Way toward life in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for your presence, your patience, and your prayer.

Love and Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan


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