From Father’s Desk

From Father’s Desk

Dear Parishioners:

Lent is upon us! Give thanks for this season, for although it is penitential, it gives us the chance to pray and do penance in order to waken our hearts and minds to the joy which is Easter.

Through fasting, penance, and almsgiving we enter the desert for 40 days, as the Lord Jesus Christ did, so that we may learn to love our souls more than our bodies. Take this time to practice mortification and increase your daily prayer. The Church teaches us a threefold path: amendment of life, penitential acts, works of charity.

1. Amendment of life. We amend our lives by action–by giving up something which will constantly remind us of our sacrifice. Consider curtailing time spent watching television, Netflix, Internet. Or maybe give up snacking between meals?

2. Penance. Perform some kind of penance. Train yourself to say no to little things so you can say no to greater temptations. Avoid eating or drinking something you enjoy, or simply give up snacking. Go to Confession.

3. Almsgiving/Works of Charity. Increase your charitable giving. Pray the Rosary each and every day—say another if you already do. Attend Mass daily—if you can’t do that, go one, or more, extra days a week.

4 Priests will hear Confessions at St. Gabriel Church on Saturday, March 9th from 1 to 3 PM.

Love and peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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