Pastor’s Notes

Pastor’s Notes

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Dear Parishioners,

We Catholics are called to conform the whole of our lives to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do that in and through the Church founded by Christ. Our families are the cells which, joined together, make up the living body which is the Church. We are united together in parishes, which are united together in the Diocese of Bridgeport, which is united to all the other dioceses to make the Catholic Church—the universal Body of Christ with the Holy Father Pope Francis leading us in service on earth.

That’s the big picture, locally we are called to offer our time, talent, and treasure to the work of the Church. I tell you all this because Bishop Frank has recently asked me to help him in the care of my fellow clergy of the diocese.

He has appointed me Vicar for Canonical Affairs Related to Clergy. In that capacity I will be using the Canon Law training I’ve received to aid the diocese and clergy of the diocese in the functioning of the Church.

I’ll be at the Catholic Center in Bridgeport on a regular basis, but will continue to serve you and the Parish of St.

Gabriel with a whole heart. Please continue to keep me in your prayers—you, and the parish of St. Gabriel are a wonderful example of the work of Christ in the world.

Love and Peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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