Pastor’s Notes

Pastor’s Notes

Dear Parishioners:

I hope you like our new bulletin with full color.

Our new bulletin provider is LPi: Liturgical Publications.

I’ll have to get used to the new format – and make use of greater flexibility in pictures and graphics. Not this week though, I’ve got an earlier deadline and just want to write y o u a q u i c k m e s s a g e .

The Liturgical Publications representative put in a great deal of time contacting local businesses to advertise and thereby support our new bulletin. Many thanks to our advertisers, please patronize them – and mention that you saw their ad in our bulletin when you visit their business. Even better – bring our bulletin with you!! Advertising in our bulletin is what pays for our bulletin, and it makes our advertisers happy to realize that their message is making it to their target audience.

Love and peace,
Fr. Liam Quinlan

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